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Cyber Defense Services

Identify. Protect. Detect. Respond. Recover.

To be effective, any strategy needs the right execution. It begins with a robust security architecture that includes strong technical controls and effective operational processes. Our experts can help you navigate through the many pitfalls when building and maintaining secure systems.

Secure Cloud Transformation

Whether your are new to the cloud, migrating or developing a new architecture, our certified cloud security experts can help you to implement, maintain and optimize the security of your cloud environments.

Secure Architecture Optimization

Achieving security in the cloud requires a well-designed security architecture that understands and uses the shared responsibility model correctly. Our cloud-agnostic services can help you design and implement security architectures in any cloud.

Application Security

Applications have become the security Achilles heel in most organizations. Our Secure Software Development (SSDLC) experts will help you build and maintain secure applications by 'shifting security left'. 

Penetration Testing

Security assurance requires looking at applications from an attackers perspective. Our experienced testers can help you identify critical security flaws across the entire technology stack.

Cyber Incident Response

Our consultants have helped managed some of the biggest breaches of the past decade. We leverage this unparalleled experience to help our clients to recover quickly and fully from incidents.

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