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Cyber Maturity Assessment on AWS

Secure your Cloud Workloads

Our Cyber Maturity Assessment uses an adaptable methodology based on globally-recognized standards. Avoiding an inflexible one-size-fits-all approach, we customize the assessment to each client’s specific needs. Our phased methodology includes:


- Identification of critical and high-risk data

- Review of cybersecurity governance, controls and documentation, including assessment of the client's use of AWS security tools and services to secure workloads

- Review of client’s configuration of AWS tools and services to assess compliance with AWS security best practices

- Analysis and quantification of key risks

- Recommendation and prioritization of remediation activities, including identification of appropriate AWS security tools and services

- Identification of baseline maturity level with comparison to industry averages

- Communication of results to executives and stakeholders


The Cyber Maturity Assessment is a common starting point for a client to engage with 3FACTOR's services. It is primarily used by organizations with a limited understanding of their current cyber risks and controls, but can also be used as a progress check for clients performing transformation projects or for more mature clients who wish to gain an independent view of current state. Due to it's adaptable nature, the Cyber Maturity Assessment is suitable for clients of any size or industry.


The exact method of Cyber Maturity Assessment delivery is tailored to suit the needs of each customer, but will generally consist of a series of face-to-face or remote meetings, as well as document review and technical control testing. Clients can request a Cyber Maturity Assessment by contacting us and going through a free initial discovery call with one of our cybersecurity experts, who will provide a proposal. Once the details of the proposal are agreed, we will provide a Statement of Work for approval.

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