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Our biggest strength is our team


Work hard, play hard


We encourage family first and self care 


We pride ourselves on flexibility for clients and within our own team


Everything we do is bespoke. We are agile.


We embed ourselves into our clients’ teams


We evaluate our practices to remain invaluable to clients to meet the ever-changing cyber landscape


Our clients become our friends


We enjoy making unique memories and inside jokes with our clients


We value relationships over invoices



Spyro’s passion for providing value to clients with straightforward advice and building long-term relationships led him to beginning 3Factor in 2007. 


He truly values each of his clients and team members, which is shown by the many inside jokes, fun experiences and genuine concern for each person he interacts with. He will always allow his team and clients to put family first, as he has learned as the father to his daughter, is a very important role. 

Spyro Malaspinas.jpg

Spyro Malaspinas

Spyro Malaspinas

Sharon Fritts

Sharon joined 3Factor in 2017 with an expertise in chaos coordination, built from both professional roles and wrangling her family of boys (husband included). She is dedicated to helping the team continue to reflect, improve and learn in this ever-changing industry.  


Her favorite part about 3Factor is the fun culture that she can help build with the team - work hard, play hard. 

Sharon Fritts.jpg

Sharon Fritts

Jonathan Kiernan

Jonathan joined 3Factor in 2019 from a background in Big 4 consulting. He leads 3Factor’s Strategy & Risk service line and likes to deliver complex transformation programmes. 


Jonathan seems miserable on first impressions, but is much worse once you get to know him. He is a big WWE buff and loves to make fun of all things American, mostly in good fun.

Jonathan Kiernan.jpg

Jonathan Kiernan

Kelsee Moore

Kelsee has mastered the pain of invoicing and all things 3Factor since 2018. She has brought her fun spirit and enthusiasm for making the team feel appreciated. She handles the ad hoc requests that keep the lights on here. 


Kelsee loves listening to music, dancing and laughing and being around her family. Her guilty pleasures include Bravo tv shows and true crime docuseries.

Kelsee Moore.jpg

Kelsee Moore

Koert joined the 3Factor family in 2020 after a long career in IT and Cybersecurity at HP Inc.  He’s a collaborative contributor and enjoy team environments where I can encourage team members to excel, to learn, and challenge themselves along the way, as well as deliver to expectations. 


You can always count on Koert to bring humor to the conversation, and is a master of storytelling in a way that only he can!

Koert DuBois.jpg

Koert DuBois

Spyro Malaspinas

Sharon Fritts

MacKenzie has taken on the role of solving problems Spyro didn’t even know he had since 2019. MacKenzie helps with the behind the curtain stuff at 3Factor, including the day-to-day handlings for Spyro. 


She should hold certifications like MW (Miracle Worker)... if only there was a proper authority to provide it for her. Although she seems to clock in more than she clocks out, she always finds time to go for a coffee run with her two adorable pups.

Mackenzie IaQuinta.jpg

MacKenzie IaQuinta

Jonathan Kiernan

Marcus brings vast experience and has shown that he bleeds 3Factor orange. He prioritizes family, and to that end, considers the team and clients he works with as an extension of such. 


He enjoys traveling and being able to go on holiday, though being a hard worker, we sometimes have to push him out of our virtual office to do so! Then he comes back tan, refreshed and ready to continue the exceptional work with our clients.

Marcus Atkins.jpg

Marcus Atkins

Kelsee Moore

Mason has been friends with our Greek principal since college, and decided to take their friendship to the next level and come to work for him. He is always down for an adventure, and Spyro is always happy to think one up and (strongly) encourage participation.


He brings his love of poker, travel and being willing to always learn. He is working on being the best husband he can be- happy wife, happy life.

Mason Reagan.jpg

Mason Reagan

Michel's love for challenges makes him the "ironman" of security analysts. He loves to construct detailed work plans that align with business goals. His project management skills help keep projects on schedule and within scope and budget. 


His past experience being an entrepreneur makes him excellent in managing teams and achieving milestones. He also loves to motivate people, and definitely brings out the best in our team.

Michel Helal.jpg

Michel Helal

Spyro Malaspinas

Sharon Fritts

Ricardo has been putting up with Spyro since 2012, as they tackled cybersecurity work together. They both love to take on and debate through security challenges and conundrums. 


When he isn’t doing that, you can find Ricardo on a beach somewhere- but that doesn’t stop his productivity. The sea salt air and adventures power the brain behind that shiny head.

Ricardo Patino.jpg

Ricardo Patino

Jonathan Kiernan

Ryan joined 3Factor in 2020 with 11 years of hands-on experience in IT, Security Operations and Information Security across various industries and multinational companies. He likes to work with different security technologies and tools and is a certified team player and problem-solver. 


He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. They recently moved to Canada and enjoy exploring the new things it has to offer!

Ryan Rusiana.jpg

Ryan Rusiana

Kelsee Moore

Since starting at 3Factor in 2017, Tania has become the self-proclaimed GRC Nurturer in Chief given her extensive experience. She is backed up by her team, which she is always happy to share her wisdom with. 


She is an exceptional project manager, and wears this hat even with her husband and two kids. They enjoy traveling, playing and watching sports and hanging out with friends and family. 

Tania Nicholas.jpg

Tania Nicholas




Get Stuff Done. We have a high priority for providing thorough, impactful deliverables for our clients. It’s what we do. 



We take the time at logical intervals to think through the process and adjust. We aren’t afraid of change, especially for the sake of improvement. 



We believe that people who have autonomy and flexibility are happier. Happy people deliver optimal results for each other and our clients- it is just that simple.



We are part of an ever-changing industry. We ensure that whether a governing body mandates or not, we will continue to educate ourselves on the latest information and best practices. 



We know communication is the pillar of relationships. We encourage clear, concise, regular communication both internally and with our clients to ensure everyone gets what they need. 

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